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Applications open for the 2023 Fall grads through the 2024 Summer grads on August 11, 2023.


My average is 

Final price will not be determined until preview has been approved.

How much in advance do I have to let you know about my design?

As soon as possible. I schedule out in advance and reserve spots through a deposit.

How long until I get my design?

ONLINE ORDERS - Any online orders will receive their design after the 10-14 business days.

(See Shipping Policy).

CUSTOM ORDERS - Any custom order will receive their design 1 week after their scheduled week, if everything goes according to schedule.

What are the payment options?

Online orders are only limited to card, PayPal, and the payment option automated at checkout.

Custom orders have more flexible options: Cash (for pickup only), Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, CashApp, ApplePal, and card (a custom website listing).

How do I attach the topper?

Double sided tape is on the back of your topper. Just peel the backing and carefully place on your graduation cap.

What is the size?

A standard graduation cap is 9x9, and all toppers are made 9.5x9.5 inches with a 1 inch hole in the middle. Toddler and pet designs vary in size. For accurate or altered sizing, please put it in the "Additional Notes" at checkout or in the Custom Application description.

Can you design this specific design?

If it is my original design, yes. If it belongs to another artist no, BUT we can pull elements and make it unique to you.

Can you squeeze me in?  I'll pay!

A limited abut of spots will be offered for "Booked Fee" reservations. This is an additional fee added to your order to place you in a week that I am already booked for you to get your design on time and in the style you want.

Once those "Booked fee" spots are full, I will not be accepting any more.

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