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By using my website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, shipping and pickup. policy, return and refunds policy, and private policy. Read the main highlights below.

I own copyrights to all of my work. Any copy, recreating, replica, minor edits, etc. to my original artwork and designs will result in further legal action.

I am not responsible for injury of my products upon receiving it. That is user handling.

Pickup is available! It will be in a pickup location in the city of Whittier, CA.


All custom designs must be submitted through an application process. No DM's. Not all applications will be accepted, and will be clearly stated whether I will move forward with your design or not. Alternative options will be given if you are not accepted.

The $25 non-refundable deposit will be needed to reserve your spot with me to create your custom design. This is non-refundable and will be subtracted from your final payment as it is part of the entire price. You are reserving your spot when demand is high thus taking a spot away from another potential graduate, please be serious about your inquiry. The deposit is non-refundable to the point where I create your preview. If you miss any emails during the process and I do not end up creating your design, you will not be refunded the deposit because I already created your preview. The only way to refund the deposit is if you cancel BEFORE I make your preview.

A deposit of $25 minimum is required to secure a spot with me AND a response letting me know you have sent the deposit via email, not DMs. More is always welcomed to make the final payment more manageable. I go on a first come first pay basis. Please do not pay if I have not given you the information. No spot will be held until you make the deposit and send an email NOR will I be waiting for payment from you to secure your spot; first come first pay basis.

Custom orders have the option to use: Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Zelle, ApplePay, and Card. If you want to pay Cash that will be pickup only.

You will be e-mailed in advance when it's your time to make any changes or updates based off your application as well as a preview based off information given. Failure to respond to the initial email (check-in for changes) and secondary e-mail (preview email) will result in skipping your order. I will not be waiting for you to respond nor will I be hunting you down. If you want to work with me, please be serious about your inquiry.

You will receive a preview of your design and it will not be worked on until it is approved. Please respond stating you approve when you actually approve. Do not approve and then make changes later. Failure to respond the the preview email will result in skipping your order. I will not be waiting. Period.

Design will not be sent out until payment has been made in full. Payment can be made in smaller payments as well to make it more manageable. Just communicate with me letting me know so I can hang onto it for you. You can use other payment methods as well. 

If your design is completed but not paid for, it will be available for the public to purchase at the end of the school year during the summer. If you do not respond after that time and someone purchases it and you end up wanting to purchase it, you will need to go through the entire process again because by that time (summer) I am on vacation mode as I prep for the upcoming year.


If you already have a reserved spot with me but need to change it for whatever reason, the option of an added $25 rescheduling fee will be added to your order.


If you have gone through the entire process (i.e. the application, the deposit, the preview, and my final email with your final payment invoice) and there is no response back stating you have sent the final payment for me to check AND THEN reply at a much later date stating you are still interested, YOU ARE NOW ASKING ME TO CREATE A DESIGN OUTSIDE OF YOUR SCHEDULED WEEK. You have a scheduled week for a reason. I have other graduates whose designs are scheduled for other weeks which means I will be adding you to my already booked weeks. An additional fee of $50 will be added to your order.


Online orders are processed through card or the selected payment that is automated at checkout. 

Premade designs are not customizable as they are already printed out and ready to ship. 

Custom Quote Toppers are customizable to a certain extent. You can choose your color, style, and font for some designs. These are just the quote ad whatever Add-Ons are available online. No custom illustrations can be done for these. Please fill out grad cap application if you want a custom design.

Custom Quote Toppers have 24 hours to approve their design. If e-mail is ignored (assuming you do not want any changes) it is deemed approved and will be sent to print. If you approve, I will respond letting you know that I will be printing it. If you make any changes, I will respond with those changes (which means if you make changes and I don't respond it may have something to do with email, so please reach out!).

 If any changes are made, it will take some time. If any changes are made AFTER the 24 hour period and it has been printed, a $5 reprinting fee will be placed.

Terms & Conditions


I use the United States Postal Service (USPS) as my preferred shipping company. Other shipping companies can be used upon request, such as UPS or FedEx.

My sole responsibility is to create the product and drop it off at the carrier, anything after that is the responsibility of the carrier. I am not responsible for how fast or slow the carrier ships your package. (Please order with plenty of time and shipping delays in mind.) International shipping tends to take 1-2 months so please order with plenty of time! I am also not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages that happen IN TRANSIT BY THE CARRIER.

Online orders are processed and dropped off at the carrier within 10-14 business days, does not include weekends. My processing time is 7-10 business days, again not including weekends, and is defined as: receiving you order, packaging it, customizing it and making any changes. Within 14 business days your package will be marked as shipped, most of the times it is less than that.

Custom orders are worked on one week, made the following week and shipped out at the end, and should receive it that third week as indicated in the Grad Packet.

Once your order has been marked as "delivered" by the carrier, your order is complete and you get to use your order! If postage has NOT been marked as "delivered" through the tracking system, please contact the appropriate carrier. I, Sarah of Uncapped Creations, do not manage any in transit packages therefore I cannot do anything about it. The carrier is the one responsible as THEY are CARRYING your order. 


I will send you an email with detailed information on how to pick up once it's ready. Please check your spam/junk mail.

I offer pickups on all my orders, whether it is a single topper or a single sticker. Please select "PickUp" at check out on my website or during the application process. You will receive an email with the pickup info and details on how to pick up. You will not be coming to my house for my own privacy and protection. So unfortunately, you will not get to meet me.

Pick Up Turnaround Time:

  • Pick up is available within 3 days for any stickers, single bow orders, and premade and blank toppers.

  • Custom Quote Toppers will be available for pickup within the 10-14 business days after it has been deemed approved. 

  • Custom designs will be available for pickup the week AFTER your scheduled week.

Pick Up Address if you wish to see how far it is from you:

13502 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, CA 90605, United States

If you select pickup and do not pick up your order at the end of the school year, during summer I will collect all orders and reach out one final time before issuing a refund on your order. If you wish to buy it, you are more than welcome to again.

Shippig Policy


All items are eligible for returns, refunds, and exchanges!

Completely custom orders (where you filled out your application) will be refunded at a one-third since I worked hard to make it how you want it. I dedicated time and effort to make your design completely custom. If you are not happy with your order, you will be given a free return label for you to ship your design back to me and then you will be granted the one-third price refund in the payment method of what I offer and what you chose during the application process: VenMo, CashApp, PayPal, Zelle, ApplePay, and Card.


Refunds are granted when an item is deemed reusable for another customer. This means no worn edges, scratches, bent or lifted areas, and the double sided adhesive is unused. It must be returned in the condition yu received it in so another graduate and use it.

If you wish to return your item for a refund for whatever reason, please reach out and I will send a free return label! Item is to be returned in the same packaging or something similar to protect it from damage in transit. If another package is used and item gets damaged in transit, it will not be refunded. Please protect your item. A refund will be granted once item is deemed as reusable for another customer.

Premades, blank toppers, as well as stickers and bows will be refunded at full price not including shipping. Custom quote toppers will be refunded at half price (not including shipping) as they are customized designs. Sale items are final sale and cannot be refunded.

If you wish to exchange your item, it must be with an item of equal or lesser value. If you wish to exchange BEFORE you have received your tracking number, just email me letting me know what you want to exchange it with so I can get that done before it ships out. If you wish to exchange AFTER you have received your tracking number, let the item arrive to you and I will give you a free return shipping label to send back to me. Once it arrives I will ship the other.


If item(s) is/are damaged, proof of damage must be shown via email (NOT DMS). A free shipping label will be given to return the damaged item and you can choose whether to have a refund or the same item shipped.

If item(s) is/are lost and it is marked by the carrier as such, we can either file a claim or I can send another item. If item is marked as delivered but you have not received it, check your neighbors or ask your PostMaster as sometimes mail gets sent back to your designated Post Office; or other carrier locations. Another item will need to be purchased.

Returns & Refunds


I care about the privacy of all my customers. I, Sarah at Uncapped Creations, personally do not give out any information provided (see exceptions below*). All information is used solely used for the purpose of our agreed transactiob. This goes for both online and custom orders.

I use the following companies, so feel free to check out their policies for more information. Companies: Wix, PayPal, Apple, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp; USPS, FedEx, UPS; Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest; Etsy.

* Exceptions:

  • Grad Spotlight showcases graduate's name, graduate's Instagram handle, the school and major, as well as a uploaded photos by the person submitting it. Out of respect to the photographer, a tag will be given if person submitting it fills it out.

  • Grad spotlight will showcase all graduates who are submitted, but only college graduates and pets will have details given. Any minors or high schoolers will be displayed but specific details will not be included for privacy purposes. 

  • Social Media: I, Sarah at Uncapped Creations, may disclose the graduate's name and state during any packaging videos/lives. 

Privacy Policy
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