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Terms & Conditions

By using my website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, shipping policy, return and refunds policy, and private policy.

I own copyrights to all of my work. Any copy, recreating, replica, minor edits, etc. to my original artwork and designs will result in further legal action.

I am not responsible for injury of my products upon receiving it. That is user handling.

Online orders are processed through card or the selected for of payment that is automated. Custom orders have the option to use: Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Zelle, ApplePay and Cash (cash is for pickup only).

Porch Pickup is available, but I ask you PLEASE respect my privacy and residency. Any suspicious activity will result in further legal action.


I go on a first come first pay basis. Please do not pay without my approval (when I give you the deposit information.) No spot will be held nor will I be waiting for payment to secure your spot.

All custom designs must be submitted through an application process. Not all applications will be accepted, and will be clearly stated whether to not it is accepted or not. Alternative options will be given.

In order to receive a custom design, a deposit of $15 minimum is required to secure a spot with me. More is always welcomed to make the final payment more manageable.

You will be e-mailed in advance when it's your time, but failure to respond to the initial and secondary e-mail will result in skipping your order. I will not be waiting.*

You will receive a preview of your design and it will not be worked on until it is approved. However, failure to respond the the preview email will result in skipping your order. I will not be waiting.*

Design will not be sent out until payment has been made in full. Payment can be made in smaller payments if need be as well as different payment methods can be used.

*If email is responded to AFTER the scheduled week, an additional fee will be added as I will be working on your design in a week I am already booked in. $25 additional for the Sept-Dec months, and $50 for the Jan-May months.


Online orders are customizable to a certain extend, please respect those guidelines listed at each product listing.

Custom Quote Toppers have 24 hours to approve their design. If e-mail is ignored (assuming you do not want any changes) it is deemed approved and will be sent to print. If any changes are made, expect a delay in your order. If any changes are made AFTER the 24 hour period and it has been printed, a $5 reprinting fee will be placed.

Terms & Conditions

Shipping Policy

I use the United States Postal Service (USPS) as my preferred shipping company. Other shipping companies can be used upon request.

My sole responsibility is to create the product and drop it off at the carrier, anything after that is the responsibility of the carrier. I am not responsible for how fast or slow the carrier ships your package. (Please order with plenty of time and shipping delays in mind.) I am also not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

Online orders are processed and dropped off at the carrier within the 10-14 business days. This DOES NOT MEAN your package will get to you in 10-14 business days.

If postage has been marked as "delivered" through the tracking system, please contact the appropriate carrier. I, Sarah of Uncapped Creations, do not manage any in transit packages.

Shippig Policy

Returns & Refunds

All items are eligible for returns and/or refunds!

If item(s) is/are damaged, proof of damage must be shown via email (NOT DMS). A free return label will be given and upon inspection a refund may be granted.

If item(s) is/are lost, please contact the carrier to file a claim. Another order will be required due to past orders being sent for free and design given to family/friends.

Returns & Refunds

Privacy Policy

I care about the privacy of all my customers. I, Sarah at Uncapped Creations, personally do not give out any information provided (see exceptions below*). All information is used solely used for the purpose of our agreed transition. This goes for both online and custom orders.

I use the following companies, so feel free to check out their policies for more information. Companies: Wix, PayPal, Apple, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp; USPS, FedEx, UPS; Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest.

* Exceptions:

  • Grad Spotlight showcases graduate's name, graduate's Instagram handle, the school and major, as well as a uploaded photos by the person submitting it. Out of respect to the photographer, a tag will be given if person submitting it fills it out.

  • Grad spotlight will showcase all graduates who are submitted, but only college graduates and pets will have details given. Any minors will be displayed but specific details will not be included for privacy purposes. 

  • Social Media: I, Sarah at Uncapped Creations, may disclose the graduate's name and state during any packaging videos/lives. 

Privacy Policy
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