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This PRINTED design can be customized with your own Main Quote / SubQuote and you can choose a font from the list on the next image slide. Some designs can be further customized with a selection of style and color options which are available in the listing and their corresponding images.



  • Having a quote is optional, if you wish to leave it blank feel free to do so.
  • Main Quote is the main words, phrase, or sentence that will be displayed. It will be the largest quote.
  • SubQuote is optional. You have 10 words/phrases you can put on the books.



  • If a font is not mentioned in the text box, the defaulted fonts will be Font 5 for Main Quote and various fonts for the books
  • To see the list of fonts in action, head over to the "Custom Grad Cap" tab and select "Fonts."



  • Choose between 3 different sky backgrounds and 16 different hairstyles
  • Hair color - There is a small collection of options to choose from, if you want something different or want to explain, please mention it in the "Additional Notes" section at checkout!
  • Book Color - This will be the main color and two complemntary colors will be chosen based off that first color. If you want something else, please let me know in the "Additional Notes" section at checkout!
  • If you need a different size, please measure your cap in inches and mention it in the "Additional Notes" at checkout


Please reach out if you have any questions!

Grad Girl Bookshelf