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This PRINTED design can be customized with your own Main Quote / SubQuote and you can choose a font from the list on the next image slide. Some designs can be further customized with a selection of style and color options which will be exemplified in the following image slides.



  • Main Quote is the main words, phrase, or sentence that will be displayed. It will be the largest quote.
  • SubQuote is optional. These are words or short phrases displayed smaller in size.



  • If a font is not mentioned in the text box, the defaulted fonts will be Font 5 for Main Quote and Font 7 for SubQuote
  • To see the list of fonts in action, head over to the "Custom Grad Cap" tab and select "Fonts."



  • If you need a different color background, please mention it in the "Additional Notes" at checkout. (Glitter backgrounds will be printed on, no actual glitter will sparkle)
  • If you need a different size, please measure you cap in inches and mention it in the "Additional Notes" at checkout


* If you have any questions or comments, please respond to the confirmation email! *

Teacher Grad Cap

  • Various methods on how to attach design onto grad cap. Graduates can get creative on the attachment method. An informational card will be provided as well.

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